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 Is this a paid position?

No. This is a volunteer position.

What is the minimum age requirement to tutor virtually?

Tutors can begin online tutoring in 9th grade.

Can I get community service hours for the time I spend tutoring and preparing for the sessions?

Absolutely. All sessions are recorded and automatically sent to the school contact you provide.

What do I need to do to apply?

In addition to basic information, we need a copy of your school I.D., a head shot and verification letter from someone at your school.

You can find the application here:

TeensGive.org Volunteer Application

After you fill out an application you will get an email sent to you with further instructions.

What kind of time commitment are you asking for from tutors?

One hour per week, throughout the school year. 

Where are the students we tutor from?

Our students attend after school programs in underserved communities.  The students our volunteers help tutor include homeless former gang members, students attending Title 1 schools.

Most students are between 4th and 10th grade.  On occasion, we will accept older students who are attempting to go back to school. Our volunteers may also choose to work with adults to allow them to practice English. Finally, we have one partner organization that is need of volunteers to call elderly men and woman to provide companionship.

Because we are a new company, we are still growing our pool of students in need of tutoring. Therefore, we have partner organizations that may have students that better fit your needs. If so, we will be connecting you with them once you have been approved. Before your first session, you will schedule a training session with TeensGive.org or our partner organizations.

What teaching resources are available for tutors?

We do not have a set curriculum because every student has a unique set of needs. We rely heavily on our tutors to discuss with students what they need help with and start from there. Most often, you will be helping students complete their homework from school. We also provide some free recourses and tips for our tutors.

What does the virtual classroom look like?

Tutors need to access to a tablet or laptop with a built in camera. Our platform is built on Scribblar.com and includes a whiteboard and video and also records sessions.